How To Lead Digital Transformation

How To Lead Digital Transformation

For: Organization leaders in charge of implementing change and digital transformation (program / project managers, service managers, technology leaders, business leaders, directors, executives).

Goal: Help digital leaders create their organization’s change and digital transformation strategy, and then implementing it successfully.

The “How to Lead Change and Digital Transformation” coaching program is for leaders of organizations that are implementing changes, or thinking about it for whatever stages they are at. It’s for leaders wanting to achieve digital transformation through a hands-on training and coaching program in parallel with their work; allowing them to implement it as they learn. Further, they are provided additional support as needed.



Participants in this coaching program will acquire the following skills for themselves, and their organizations:

  1. Create or clarify the vision for their organization, their team, service or business unit—making it transformative, attractive and achievable.
  2. Develop a personalized strategy for change and digital transformation for their organization, along with an implementation plan / roadmap.
  3. Improve their leadership skills and create a self-transformation that will help enable other individuals of the participant’s organization to be transformed as well.
  4. Develop emotional intelligence, a key skill necessary for creating more effectiveness and improved performance for organizations.
  5. Increase productivity, ROI and delivery speed by creating more effectiveness, reducing waste and improving agility in different parts of the business and technology unit(s).
  6. To learn the skills necessary to digitally transform an organization / business, making it more sustainable, connected, engaged and prone to successful innovation.


Delivery: Online + Onsite as follows.

  1. Face to Face Meeting for Organizations:

A first organizational meeting, to meet leaders individually and get to know the organization and its team(s), to understand their goals, their challenges and their people. Followed by weekly online meetings.

      2. Weekly Online Learning Meeting

For the leaders who are learning about implementing change and digital transformation while applying it in their organization. Each learning session brings them knowledge, opportunity for discussion, and essential materials to help complete their work.

     3. Weekly Troubleshooting or Question and Answer sessions:

Then a live question and answer session is held weekly as well, to answer questions that the leaders may have as they implement. It is also a troubleshooting session where they can solicit help on any challenge that they encounter.


Type: Group coaching, and optional private groups for a company.

Duration: 12 weeks of group coaching.

Access to online recording, material and tools and support: 1 year.

Option: Additional VIP Coaching package 1 to 1: Individual VIP coaching is available on request for 10, 20 or more hours package.

Pricing: Individual. Private groups and mixed groups available.

Materials: Coaching tools and materials are online.

Face to face organization meeting: 2 business days*.


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