Individual and Organizational Transformation

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End Burn Out – Be Transformed! Your Passport for Your Exciting Life!

End Burn Out - Your passport for an exciting life, is an innovative, complete neuro-programming solution for improving performance, adjusting to change, creating holistic well-being and unleashing one's maximum potential for transformation. EBO is the perfect tool for individual transformation as we implement digital transformation and innovation. It is based on the latest discoveries in brain science and neuroplasticity.

This is a 5 week, progressive program, hosted for you and delivered on a weekly basis through a private online account. Participant's access or account is kept for several years, allowing him/her to continuously benefit from the solutions, including updates, additional free gifts and support.

Delivered in Audio format, with transcripts, EBO uses the latest technologies and knowledge in brain science to access both the conscious and the subconscious levels of the brain for mindset transformation, propelling the individual to tap into his/her own hidden potential for adjusting his/her attitude to changes, achieving new goals, getting engaged  and embracing innovation.


Increased performance, better change management, sharper thinking and decision making skills, enhanced mood, personal well-being, better concentration, and engagement in setting and reaching new goals. 

Organizations who invest in EBO for their employees increase their chance of reaching their goals by 80%, while reducing costs related to disengagement, poor performance, sick leave and poor employees well-being.

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Please read the EBO solution disclaimer before using it.

Leaders on a Digital Mission – Executive Coaching and Mastermind Group

Leaders on a Digital Mission is a mastermind group coaching with the objective of self-transformation so that the leader can better transform his/her business or organization for digital transformation.

What you will get from the program

  • Individual transformation
  • You will create your digital transformation vision (personal, professional, and/or organization covered)
  • You will create your Goals (personal, professional and/or business)
  • Networking with like-minded leaders

The group coaching includes

  • A brain entrainment program
  • 4 Mastermind group coaching sessions
  • Efficient coaching and progress tool
  • Weekly follow-up
  • 5 Weeks duration
  • Access to recorded content and more online

Next one starts on December 5th, 2016 and finishes on January 11th, 2017 (We will not meet for 1 week during the holidays)

Value 3099.00 US$

Special Launch Offer at 950.00 US$

How to Digitally Transform Your Business to Thrive

For: Business Leaders, Small business owners

Goal: Help business owners and small business leaders create and implement digital transformation strategies successfully.

The How to Digitally Transform Your Business coaching program is for leaders of small businesses, implementing (or about to implement) digital transformation.  It is a hand-on coaching program in parallel with their work that helps them to implement business transformation progressively.


The participant of the “How to Digitally Transform Your Business” coaching program will be able to create and implement their digital strategy and implementation roadmap, and is supported to make their business a digital success. This coaching program covers every aspect of business as greater business agility and transformation is being implemented using innovative business strategies and disruptive technologies.

As a result, their investment will allow them to reduce or suppress useless costs, improve their business models, and finally increase their sales, their position on the market, and the ROI. They will place their business in a leading position to achieve innovation, more sustainability, agility to quickly implement change successfully and (why not) industry disruption.

As a participant you will acquire the following from this mastermind coaching:
- Your Individual Leadership Strategy
- Your Business Strategy
- Your Technology Strategy
- Your Digital Marketing Strategy
- Your Data Strategy
- Your Innovation Strategy
- Your Digital Transformation Roadmap
- Awareness of general business and specific industries' disruption

Delivery: Online

Next Session Starts: Feb. 17th, 2017

Duration: 4 Weeks intense coaching, followed by mastermind follow-up group coaching until December 2017.

Access to online recording, material and tools and support: 1 year

Materials: Coaching tool online, audio and other materials, including the book "The Digital Transformation Success Formula"

Type: Group Coaching

Additional option: VIP coaching package 1 to 1 available on request.

Pricing: Early birds (Until February 15th midnight) US$ 999.00
Normal Price (from February 16th) US$ 1200.00

Limited availability, first come, first served. Reserve your place now!