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How to Get 5 Times the Employee Engagement You Have Now

Digital transformation leaders are called to lead the process of digital transformation in their organizations, leading those organizations into the digital age as they transform both their business, and the people in their organizations.

Every organization already experienced a tremendous level of change during the last 10-15 years. Implementing change in organizations around the world has brought many organization with an employee engagement level this year 2016 down equal to 32% in the United States of America and 13% worldwide, according to research by Gallup.

Though many solutions have been made available on the market to counter these negative trends, the reality is that most organizations are experiencing some level of employee disengagement. The main reason is that several generations were educated for the industrial era, with expectations different than the actual situation in the digital era. As a result, in the market place, you will find individuals experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Individuals who are not in alignment with who they are and what they want to do and are feeling lost.
  • Individuals whose expectations of life is different from their actual lives.
  • Those who have much potential but are held back by their fear and mind programming.
  • Those who know of their purpose and are searching for ways to get involved in their own mission and make a difference.
  • Those who are holding fearfully to what they have and perceived as security in a time when everything is changing.

Outside of the organizations, you’ll find investors and other stakeholders counting on you to bring the best return on their investment in your organization in a transitional and questionable global economy.

What about customers? They have expectations from you as well, especially the faithful ones and for your organization’s or business’ continuous success you’d better not deceive them

For each individual, regardless of their position, what they don’t like is uncertainty. As a Digital Transformation Leader, you are seen as the change leader and whomever says change, also says uncertainty.  So there is just one thing that they expect from you to start with: Trust!

Can they trust you to bring them to something that could improve their lives? Can you make their organization more successful with your changes?  Can they trust you so that they don’t lose what they have; be it their comfort or position? Seriously, can they trust you with their future, and their family’s future, at all? This is why it’s important to develop your leadership skills and emotional intelligence continuously.

  1. Invest in preparing the individuals in your organization for the emotional disruption that they will face during their transformation.
  2. Create hunger for the transformation in your organization.
  3. Create an attractive and transformative vision for your organization or your team.
  4. Develop more missionaries than employees in your organization.
  5. Digitally enable your organization.
  6. Join our Digital Transformation Leaders community and enjoy much guidance as you lead your organization to transform.

How To Reprogram Your Brain For Your Success And Why

Brain ReprogrammingBrain science with its complete rediscovery of neuroplasticity over the last 5 years offers to us a wealth of information about transforming every area of our lives for the best. The ideal way to benefit from the latest brain science and neuroplasticity discoveries is through brain reprogramming. With brain reprogramming, we can configure our brains to guide us to achieve our goals successfully.

Is your automatic program serving you the best?

Neuroscientists reveal that in our conscious state, we are about 2% conscious and running on automatic mode 98% of the time. On automatic mode, we use the programs that are recorded in our brain starting from before we were born. Our programming is made of what we have learned in our family, at school, with friends, from our community traditions, beliefs, travel experiences, the media and in general from our surroundings. Our programming is not always to our advantage unfortunately.

When we are around negative, pessimistic people; those who do not believe in us nor in themselves and are toxic, this programming can be highly destructive to us if we are not prepared to deal with it. The fact is that our brain’s subconscious does not make any difference between what is true or not when it receives this programming. Therefore, our brain not only is our fundamental resource for life, but is as well a resource for either success or downfall. The difference is in our awareness and how we train our brain to execute on automatic mode.

While I wish I had always known all that I know today about our brain, if I had never endured the company of a toxic and manipulative person and faced some dreadful life challenges over the years that eventually lead me to burn out; I might have never learned and grown that much. Several years of research and the opportunity to learn from some top world class brain scientists, personal development specialists and countless other professionals, helped me turn my situation around.

Are you ready to grow and be more?

Growing in life often requires us to overcome some challenges and be promoted to a higher level. Therefore, there is no failure but merely opportunities to learn, grow and become more. As I learned from my coach Lisa Nichols, the experience is not ours to keep but it is the way that we are called to help and serve others so that everyone will not have to go through the same pain that you endured, but are facilitated to be more.

Brain reprogramming offers to us the opportunity to redirect us to the desired destination, whether we are on the right path and want to accelerate the speed, have fallen into valleys in our way to the top of the mountain, or that noises of all kinds caused us to lose focus and begin going in circles. But at first, you can’t arrive to your destination until you know where you want to go.
Facts about your brain

Here are a few neuroplasticity facts about your brain.

We see with our brain and our brain has the power to search and find information more efficiently than the most powerful radar what you program it to see and achieve.
Inner conflict between the conscious and subconscious parts of your brain will prevent you from achieving your desired goals.
Your brain saves all negative experiences and it will turn them into negative emotions that will be used to warn you against any change because its main function is to protect you from anything unfamiliar or prospective pain, even when it is not real.
Your subconscious mind does not make any difference between what is real or not and it will use anything it is given whether it’s good for you or not.

Effective Solutions for successful brain reprogramming

Therefore effective brain reprogramming solutions must be carefully and precisely crafted for both the conscious and subconscious minds to make your brain execution program a success. Not all brain reprogramming solutions are equivalent. The most effective brain reprogramming involves brain workouts with professionally engineered brain waves at different frequencies that are combined with other techniques and valuable resources.

The effective combination of techniques includes visualizations, guided meditation, self-hypnosis, positive affirmations, etc. These techniques, combined with the different brain-waves methods, will ensure that a person will benefit from a higher level of awareness, relaxation, focus, performance, motivation, endurance, learning, clarity, well-being and goal-achieving.

Finally, the best brain reprogramming solution includes professionally designed content that anticipates your progress, taking you from wherever you may be in your path currently and allows you to complete or fill in your own personal dreams, feelings, desires, etc.

Pleasure combined with purpose is best

Why not make the experience pleasurable? We offer all that to you with our brain reprogramming solutions “End Burn Out”. Not all brain waves are pleasant to listen to. Our sound engineers take care of that with beautiful music and nature sounds, without altering the brain waves effectiveness. A stroll by a beautiful Caribbean beach with the warm sand, sea salt and waves massaging your feet; a hike in a luxuriant and lively forest, boating on a beautiful and peaceful lake, laying down on a comfy bench in a secluded and heavenly garden with singing birds and the relaxing sound of a water cascade. There is no limit as we stimulate and guide your brain with the End Burn Out brain reprogramming solution.

The experience is so enjoyable that you’ll want to do all sessions at once. But wait…You are after results. You’ll be training your brain one step at a time, repetitively and doing it the right way at the right time. To better support you, the sessions will be made available to you progressively, week by week until the fifth week where you will have access to the whole program all at once. After doing it at least once in that order, you can access the entirety as you wish.

Like a proud owner of a prestigious car, you will be able to enjoy the thrill of using this program by owning your own copy of the life changing brain reprogramming solution package I created in collaboration with those in the top of their fields, all for you: “End Burn Out”. Join the program and you'll have the opportunity to learn more and discuss with me and other specialists.

Enjoy the reprogramming of your brain with "End Burn Out"! Click here to discover the solutions.