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Digital Transformation or Death, Our Only Options!

As I prepare for the launch of my book “The Digital Transformation Success Formula”, I am often asked by friends who are not in the technology field “What is Digital Transformation?” That is a great question to ask and a great place to start. I say “start” because digital transformation will impact your life one way or another, like the industrial era had impacted your life and that of our parents. Whether you are aware of it or not, you will be making a choice between “digital transformation or death”. Leaders will have to decide first. I help them make the right decisions and guide them to succeed when they choose digital transformation.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is how the latest digital technologies combined with strategic business innovation are reshaping the actual era, reinventing businesses, organizations and our lifestyles.  Many professions as we know them today will disappear in a couple of years. Many of you have already changed careers or experienced the loss of a job. We see many “ends” but digital transformation also offers many “beginnings” and that is what I want to guide you to take advantage of.


Digital Transformation and Leadership

Technology itself is evolving fast, but it will not create the transformation by itself. I have as proof the many millions euros/dollars technology and business projects that I had the opportunity to either manage, lead, participate in or witness in the corporate world (and especially in Fortune 500 companies) over the last 20 years. In fact, relying too much on technology is the number one reason for technology project’s failure.  Leaders are creating the transformation. Our lifestyles, businesses and organizations will be how our leaders shape them. My new book, “The Digital Transformation Success Formula” is aimed at leaders so they can transform themselves first, and then transform our organizations, businesses, and lives efficiently.


Are you a leader?

Every leader, no matters your title, your industry, or your work status as an entrepreneur or an employee, you want to be involved. Join my group of Digital Transformation Leaders by opting in for the 1st report, “The N°1 Formula for Digital Transformation.” Just click the link to the portal below. Check out the blog on the site as well. I’ll keep you posted soon about the launch event for the Digital Transformation Leaders platform, as well as the book launch.


You won’t want to miss the launch event.

I’ll bring together a great panel of experts to deliver value to you on several aspects of digital transformation. Furthermore, for one hour, you will be able to download the Kindle version of the book for free. That’s not all. You will also be able to purchase the printed “The Digital Transformation Success Formula” book at a reduced price, all during a limited period of time. Additionally, there will be several other gifts to win.


Opt-in and join our group at www.digitaltransformationleaders.com.

Once you opt-in, I’ll then send you a private invitation for the launch event, coming in November and the Digital Transformation Report. You’ll also receive a video training on how to “Create Your Digital Transformation Vision in 7 Days”, for free.

See you there!

Nadia Vincent

How to Not Lose Your Shirt while Leading Digital Transformation

The digital era is the time for inspiring and impactful leaders. We are no longer in a time where only the top manager commands, and everyone obeys or follows regardless anymore. Therefore your organization expects you to inspire them and make a positive impact in their organization and their future. Otherwise, you may quickly lose your shirt and more in this volatile market.

You’ll need real support from experienced leaders and facilitators while personalizing things for your business and most importantly, taking action. You position calls for a truly evolved and transformed person with a harmonious blend of skills and a broad personality. You are one of the brand new inspiring and insightful leaders of the digital age: you are a Digital Transformation Leader.

Therefore, being a Digital Transformation Leader who wants to live up to the highest expectations, here are 10 rules to act on so that you can succeed in your mission.

1.     Don’t look to please everyone but set to inspire everyone to be transformed.

2.     Understand that your people do not want the changes but they want the rewarding transformation.

3.     Do not force them to accept change, for you won’t experience success this way, rather you can lead them to embrace the changes themselves and succeed together.

4.     Never fire anyone, but instead release individuals from their end-of-cycle positions, and sometimes reassign them.

5.      Don’t be responsible for everyone’s individual happiness but for the business performance and sustainability. On the other hand, create an environment that promotes individual happiness, performance improvement and therefore organizational success.

6.     Invest in the best digital technologies for your business, without relying too much on the technology but making the business the true driver.

7.     Invest as much in people as you invest in digital technology, because as rewarding as it can be investing in technology, investing in people is even more rewarding for your organization both in the short and the long term.

8.     Start the digital transformation with your personal transformation first, because you will be shaping the future of your organization and it will be a reflection of your mindset.

9.     Create the best leadership support team that you can, because you can’t do it alone.

10. Innovate and leverage the organization, customers and prospects innovative potential.

To support you and help you live to your organization’s expectations, I make it my commitment for you to succeed personally, professionally and holistically.

Join our Digita Transformation Leaders Community for updates about digital transformation.

Does IT fly or hinder business?

Technology is the motor, the power that help fly business. It should provide speed, flexibility, powerful options and security. IT should in no way hinder business. If it appears that business is slowed down by IT, then business and IT alignment or integration must be reconsidered. Fortunately, that is not rocket science.

Here are five key areas to look at when looking into empowering business and creating more business and IT alignment.

Business Processes
Is everybody aware of which business we are in and how our objectives are achieved? This may sound like a dumb question, but I can tell you that it has power if it is well known.

2. Infrastructure (capacity, automation, technical processes).

Is the infrastructure capable of supporting the business adequately? Are we wasting time processing manually recurring jobs that could have been automated? Do these technical jobs processing “officially” exist?

3. Document Management and sharing

There is no excuse for lack of document management and sharing today. Still many organizations, especially international and global teams, are doing it the old way. This is an ineffective and time consuming, therefore, an expensive choice. Organizations that invest in an effective document management system, and apply it, never look back.

4. Operational procedures

As much as businesses need well defined and effective procedures, operation as well needs theirs. I don’t mean expensive brand name in a poorly customized, and barely known, organization. I mean procedures that team members apply regularly and can easily tell you, often from the top of their head if asked. Now, here is a big solution driven question to help you and your organization, “how are these procedures related to the business processes?”

5. Communication flow in the organization

When and how do businesses with IT interact, and when in the process? Can you identify more phases in the process where communication flow can be improved? I know that each party often prefers to not communicate much except for integration or validation some time later. Some believe that they will not be slowed down by the other. As much as there is truth in that, delaying communication until integration or acceptance cause more wasted time than aligning earlier in the process. Furthermore it costs more and causes more conflicts.

By improving in the above areas, you can fly business and IT to a higher level! They have worked for me and my clients over the years. I offer the complete step by step approach in a program that organizations can easily apply.

Here is more power for your organization!!!

Change Implementation Disillusion; or the Audacity of Change?

Change Dillusion

Change Dillusion

Just one year ago, I contacted a CIO and proposed my training and coaching service for a large change project that they would implement internationally, with a budget of nearly a billion of euros.

Just for clarity, I’ll name the CIO “Collins”.

Collins assured me that they had the best employees to carry the project in-house, including some external consultant from a well-known company. Some of the leaders were following a change-management training and using a well-known method. Therefore my help would be obsolete.

I explained to the CIO that things may not go as smoothly as he thought and why. To which he said “thank you” and politely turned down my offer to help.

A few days ago, I reconnected with Collins to see if I could help with anything. The first question he had for me was “How did you know all that?”

Surprised, I asked, “May I please ask you to clarify what ‘all that’ means?”

Collins then went on to explain to me how he spent part of his end-of-year holiday thinking about the conversation we had back in the beginning of the year. He first thought that it was pretentious for me to warn him about several pitfalls, considering his 28 years of experience and the caliber of the team and resources the organization had. But now, they were experiencing just what I had warned him about, which caused him some sleepless nights.

Collins asked again, “Did you read about that in a book?”

“No,” I answered, “but I wish I had. More than reading about that, I lived, experienced and studied that. However, I’ve been writing the book that I wished had warned me about that and it will be available in a few months.”

Looking back on my career, a few years ago I was so challenged by two change projects that I decided to challenge change implementation right back. With that I created and developed an outstanding change management and leadership coaching program. Here are a few golden points.

It is never people that are disengaged but visions that are disengaging.
Many highly competent change leaders perform less while implementing change due to high emotional stress and how the human brain functions. They need an outsider coach to perform best. It is scientifically proven.
Matrix organization is economic but with low team spirit, it increases cost as it decreases production.
Two top bottlenecks in change implementation in order of impact are 1: the leaders and 2: the team. Invest in them before the technology and methodology.

Why CIOs & CEOs Must Shift from Change to Transformation in 2016 Part I

The transformation happening in the technology industry is not just about one or two changes. It is about a series of changes that organizations around the world face at once. The situation requires insightful strategic planning, end to End guidance and coaching as not to put at risk the company’s productivity in the process.

For example, moving to the cloud may be seen as one change happening but in reality, there are multiple changes happening, and carried out in several projects. Along with moving to the cloud, one main project is about security. One recurring security requirement is data segmentations of sensitive and less-sensitive data. Many organization have not completed such segmentation and moving to the cloud is one opportunity to do it. Moving to the cloud may lead to multiple projects such as:

  • Network segmentation
  • Access Control
  • New security and policies
  • New work procedures
  • Data Encryption and decryption
  • Regardless of the chaos all these changes may create in the back office, organization must continue to deliver and keep the business going. No matter the disruption, it must be business as usual. Else, the company may not survive without delivering business.

Furthermore, round the clock production as it is happening on the market today makes time to market even shorter. Therefore not only CIO have to maintain delivery but also, delivery speed must be increased to remain competitive.

As a result, CIOs cannot afford

To focus on one change
Long project delays
People disengagement and resistance to change with their heavy cost and damaging consequences
Communication bottlenecks and conflicts caused by mindset misalignments
Security breach due to neglect and disengagement
Poor collaboration and misalignment between units and center of expertise
Senseless and too complexed processes that does not allow room for empowered employees to course correct and waste time and money.

Instead, they must promote transformation by engaging their organization to

Improve teams collaboration (local, virtual and global)
Deliver quality solutions/project on time
Create a transformed mindset for a transforming environment
Reduce cost related to employees’ disengagement, resistance to change, poor strategic planning, uncalculated risks, rework and poor quality,… etc.
Create and maintain an environment set up to deliver acceptable quality solutions rapidly in the actual business context.
Increase ROI
Transformation is the only solution to guarantee business continuity, productivity, innovation and a healthy workforce in a time of continuous disruption.

M. Nadia Vincent