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Change Implementation Disillusion; or the Audacity of Change?

Just one year ago, I contacted a CIO and proposed my training and coaching service for a large change project that they would implement internationally, with a budget of nearly a billion of euros. Just for clarity, I’ll name the CIO “Collins”. Collins assured me that they had the best

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Cost Cutting is Expensive While Effectiveness is Free and Rewarding

Heather let go of the door handle as she walked out of her superior’s office, confused and in disbelief. She took a deep breath as if to renew her strength, and she let sink in what was just asked of her. She was asked to submit her plan to reduce

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Part 2 – Why CXOs Must Shift from Change to Transformation in 2016

Today, some businesses and organizations may think that they are not technology leaders and decide to postpone the implementation of a digital transformation. Such a wrong decision is based on a poor understanding of the power and value of the digital transformation. Digital transformation is not about technology only but

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Why CIOs & CEOs Must Shift from Change to Transformation in 2016 Part I

The transformation happening in the technology industry is not just about one or two changes. It is about a series of changes that organizations around the world face at once. The situation requires insightful strategic planning, end to End guidance and coaching as not to put at risk the company’s

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The Qualities of Leading Team Members

Leading team members are leaders. They are focused on bringing solution to challenges. They are creative, positive, and decisive. They criticize constructively. They collaborate with people of different backgrounds. They are continuous learners who keep sharpening their brain. They show self-respect, self-improvement and self-care. Creating a great team leader may

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