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Digital transformation is business transformation for greater performance, using the
latest digital technologies and strategic business innovation approach.
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Success Formula by M. Nadia Vincent, foreword by David A. Maynard, is a professional and practical guide for leaders such as CIOs, IT managers, business executives and digital transformation leaders alike as they implement digital transformation in their organizations or businesses.

The Digital Transformation Success Formula is about:

  1. Facilitating self-transformation for leaders so they inspire individual transformations in their organizations.
  2. Creating environments that are efficient and promote business innovation and disruption.
  3. Empowering leaders with a progressive mindset that embraces change so that they make better personal, business and digital choices.
  4. Digitally enabling organizations for faster deliveries and increased business performance.
  5. Reducing risks in the implementation of digital transformation.
  6. Increasing employee engagement so that organizations are strengthened in the digital market.
  7. Converting digital transformation and innovation into a lucrative investment for increased ROI.

The book is a solution-oriented, straight to the point read; yet written in a warm tone. It addresses points that sometimes we managers may not be comfortable speaking about, but are present and impactful in our everyday work.



larryEngaging, insightful, brilliantly written and transformative! In her introduction Nadia speaks of having learned multiple languages through her international consulting career; In this book, she creates a whole new language for the rest of us to learn – that of digital transformation leadership. Consider this book your Rosetta Stone on how to become a true digital transformation leader. It’s an honor and a privilege to consider Nadia a friend and mentor.

—Lawrence Cooper (Larry)

The Agility Series Facilitator, Digital Transformer, and Author -  Canada


rayAs someone who has practiced digital transformation projects for nearly four decades, the premise of the success formula and the problems caused by fear are so important to recognize. Nadia takes us through a roadmap to digital transformation success through the recognition of the need to treat digital transformation as a project and to apply the soft skills needed to manage change and transformation.  A very important book for someone undertaking a digital transformation project without the necessary foundation in place.

– Ray W. Frohnhoefer

PMP, Managing Director, PPC Group, LLC - USA


“Fear” as the division in Nadia’s success formula is genuine. That part alone is worth getting this book.  

Nadia and I met at PMI Global Congress where a client of my company, the Department of Treasury, was presenting an enterprise project & portfolio management system we implemented. From my experiences working with large organizations, Nadia’s unique angel and comprehensive approach for people planning and executing corporate change is invaluable. This book discusses a holistic approach-the mind, heart and muscles of digital transformation.

—Sophia Zhou

CEO EPM Solutions, Author of I Can and I Will - USA

andrewpryorNadia Vincent has encapsulated years of experience into a guide with the missing ingredient of most digital transformation projects – Great Leadership.    Forget technology, only by leading an organisation through transformation,  by instilling in  your organisation the mindset required for continuous change, and overcoming the fear o
f the future, can you bring successful digital transformation to a business. 

The Digital Transformation Success Formula provides a roadmap for technology and business leaders to ready their business for the future of constant change.

—Andrew Pryor

Director CIO Watercooler - England

The Digital Transformation Success Formula is available for purchase on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback formats.

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Nadia Vincent is the co-founder and Digital Transformation Director of The Global City Code, working with executives and IT leaders implementing digital transformation for their organizations and businesses. A senior global technology and business management consultant (MBA), and digital transformation coach, she has two decades of professional experience on the American and European continents mostly for Fortune 500 companies, where she managed high profile global IT projects and offshore teams, mainly in the financial sector.

Aside The Digital Transformation Success Formula, Nadia is also the author of Sharp In, both books available on Amazon. Multicultural, Nadia speaks, French, English and Spanish fluently and has studied, lived and work both on the American and the European continents. Connect with her here and follow her on Twitter at @ITTransleaders. She is one of the global experts selected by PMI and who provide leadership and coaching guidance to Project Management Practitioners (PMP).

Nadia describes herself as a servant leader whose mission is to transform both individual and organization in the digital age so that they experience more individual happiness and business success. A global citizen, Nadia resides in Belgium with her family.




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